Sakhalin in the winter is ideal for mountain skiers and snowboarders. There is a lot of snow here, the sun shines brightly, and the winds are not strong.

The ski season in Sakhalin lasts for 5 months. It starts in December and ends in April.

Gornyy Vozdukh will be the optimal choice. The complex is located within the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on the Bolshevik mountain (601 m above sea level).

The resort has 14 open routes of various complexity and length.

The total length of the routes is 25 km, with elevation variations of up to 500 m. The longest route is over 4.2 km. The routes are 20 to 100 m wide.

The routes at Gornolyzhnyy Vozdukh are good for beginners, experienced skiers and professionals.

The resort offers two light green (simple) routes: Zapad (lower), which is 1,450 m in length, and the Southwestern Serpentine, which is 4,200 m in length. There are seven red (more difficult) routes: Vostok (3,000 m), Dynamo (2,300 m), Zapad (upper), which is 1,100 m in length, Rascheska (350 m), Semidesyatka (500 m), Sportivnaya (2,500 m) and Yug (2,000 m). Finally, there are five black routes, only for very experienced skiers. They include Armeika (1,150 m), Severnaya 1 (900 m), Severnaya 2 (900 m), Sportivny Rukav (500 m) and the Ski-Cross Route (1,2500 m).

For snowboarders, there is a special park with rails and ski jumps to practice various techniques and tricks.

The main routes are all illuminated at night. As a rule, they are open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.. Please, specify the actual working hours at the Gornyy Vozdukh website.

The slopes are equipped with ski lifts. There are gondola lifts, surface and chair lifts.

In ski season, snow at the resort reaches 2 metres in depth. You can rent skiing and snowboarding equipment and use the cloakrooms. The resort uses a ski pass system, and there are instructors and lifeguards on staff. There are over 35 hotels within walking distance of the resort.

Summers are also great at the resort.

Guests can ride bikes, go paragliding, or just take a leisurely walk along one of the many scenic eco-paths.

The Detskaya path is the best choice for a light stroll. It stretches from the middle to the upper platform of Gornyy Vozdukh. It is 2.73 km long. It includes recreation grounds and an observation deck.

Experienced travellers can choose the Rossiyskaya path. It is a beautiful route, a bit over 3 km in length. It provides a stunning, bird's-eye-view of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, as well as a chance to see the tourist valley, walk along slopes overgrown with bamboo, or scale the peak of Rossiyskaya mountain. Here you can also cross over onto the Severnoye Koltso path.

It is a mixed route: part of the route requires good physical preparation, while the other part allows for a relaxing walk with some wonderful views: the path goes through the water reservoir and the Rogatka river. This route is the longest (9 km).

Finally, you can choose a path of moderate difficulty — Vosmerka. It is 8 km long. There is a spring along the way and numerous recreation places.

How to get here:

You can reach Gornyy Vozdukh by taxi or public transport.

Bus No. 63 from the airport: go to the Chekhov Centre stop, then take bus No. 62 or No. 34 to Ploshchad Pobedy.

If you are travelling from a bus or railway station, then take bus No. 62 or No. 34 at the Glavpochtamp or Kinoteatr Oktyabr stop and go to Ploshchad Pobedy.

You can also specify the information by phone +7 (4242) 51-11-20.